Jacques-André Dupont is a french-colombian media artist working between Berlin and Lyon. He explores the relation between tangible and invisible, technology and nature. His artistic approach is based on the use of the light material in space as dramatic element in scenographic, installative, performative works.
Interested in developing a pedagogic approach, he lectured about video-mapping for many occasions in Berlin and facilitated several audiovisual art workshops in Berliner schools. 
In parallel he is researching on the relationship between the body and technology through the touch choreography artform.
Jacques is part of the ondé collective.​​​​​​​

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References :
Exhibition: STATE Festival Berlin 2016, B.A.M. Festival d'Arts Numériques Liège 2014, B-Seite Festival für Visuelle Kunst 2014, Stadtgallerie Mannheim, LOCHT34 Berlin, ACUD Gallerie Berlin.
Performances: STATE of emotion Festival Berlin 2016, London Royal Festival Hall, Gaîté Lyrique Paris, Ufertsudios Berlin, , 4AM - Flutgraben Berlin, ARTSPIN Berlin 2015, VJ @ Fusion Festival 2014, LPM Rome 2013, Kater Holzig Berlin, Chalet,..
Media: Arte Tv, Sinnwerksatt, Tactical Studios, Democracy International, Milpa Films, Duran Dubois, Clonewerk Milano, Kilowatt Bologna.
Commercial: Primavera, Levi's, Lee, Piaggio, Y-3, Quicksilver, Francesco Biasia, MyTaxi.com, Monoqi, Heineken, Kraken, Airbus, Car2go, Spray brand fragrancing...


Francesca Penzo - choreographer
KeenonMars - tangible design 
Natalia Sookias - audiovisual artist
Gerd Boettler - music composer & sound designer
Aline Hollstein - fashion designer
Thinkfarm - coworking-space for eco-social change
Nils Aguilar - documentary film director
Lina Gomez - choreographer
Madmapper - video-mapping software
HZT Berlin - dance & choreography school

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