Jacques-André Dupont is a french-colombian transmedia artist based in Lyon. He explores the relation between technology the body and nature. He uses the projection mapping technique as a lightning medium in scenographic, installative, performative works. The live paint-mapping is an improvisational practice he develops in collaboration with street artist, combining live painting and moving light.
Interested in developing a pedagogic approach, he lectures and facilitates digital art workshops in Berlin, London and Lyon with AADN
In parallel he is developping an artform dedicated to the tactile sense - Touch Choreography.
Jacques is following a yearly art residency in Taverne Gutenberg.

He is part of the digital art collective Alba Nox & Ondé.​

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References :
Exhibition: "Close-up" & "Caractères Utopiques" collective exhibits at Taverne Gutenberg 2018, STATE Festival Berlin 2016, B.A.M. Festival d'Arts Numériques Liège 2014, B-Seite Festival für Visuelle Kunst 2014, Stadtgallerie Mannheim, LOCHT34 Berlin, ACUD Gallerie Berlin.
Performances: STATE of emotion Festival Berlin 2016, London Royal Festival Hall, Gaîté Lyrique Paris, Ufertsudios Berlin, , 4AM - Flutgraben Berlin, ARTSPIN Berlin 2015, VJ @ Fusion Festival 2014, LPM Rome 2013, Kater Holzig Berlin, Chalet Club Berlin.
Media: Arte Tv, Sinnwerksatt, Tactical Studios, Democracy International, Milpa Films, Duran Dubois, Clonewerk Milano, Kilowatt Bologna.
Commercial: Primavera, Levi's, Lee, Piaggio, Y-3, Quicksilver, Francesco Biasia, MyTaxi.com, Monoqi, Heineken, Kraken, Airbus, Car2go, Spray brand fragrancing...

VANITAS - Review by Kairos Magazine                                                                                                                                                                        VANITAS - Review by 1977 Magazine

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