Is it possible that rocks, cristals, minerals are mostly composing my beloved computer?
Where do they come from?
Who digged into the crust of the earth to extract them, who assembled them?
In a hypermodern, urban lifestyle surrounded by digital technology, where humans and goods are cut from their origins, neither we know what lends in our dishes, nor how our complex technologies function and what they're made of.
As a step towards ressources awareness, a pagan rite takes place in the gallery; A symbolic bodily act of recognition, as our ancestors all around the world used to do. We express our gratitude to the Earth for the minerals that took millions of years to grow, that compose our digital technology.
A Motherboard (base of a computer), symbol of our digital technology is layed on the ground as an offering. The floor (the earth) is poured with love elements (honey, rose petals, rose water). The whole is blessed with chants and holly plants.
THREE MOONS, an ode to the skies.
The seminal, essential light of a sun reveals the topography of three astres. Depht. Mountains, cavities, canyons, craters and plains reveal, to disapear again in the night. At every new revolution, the three paintings augmented by the video projection reflect the light in the gallery space, lightning the rests of a pagan rite.
"There are 66 individual minerals that contribute to the typical computer. " -
Quarz, Gold, Silver (Ag, Pyrargite, Cerargyrite), Aluminium (Bauxite), Copper (Chalcopyrite, Boronite, Enargite, Cuprite, Malachite), Azurite, Chrysocolla, Chaco, Zinc, Calcite, Gypsum, Apatite, Aragonite, Rutile, Limenite, Titanite, Apetite, Pyromotphite, Wavellite, Galena, Cerussite, Anglesite, Pyromorphite, Hematite, Cassiterite, Sphalerite, Magnetite, Limonite, Sulfur, Hemmimorphite, Zincite, Smithonite, Franklenite, Halite, Euxenite, Alunite, Orthoclase, Nephelite, Leucite, Apophulite, Flourite, Cryolite, Vesuvianite, Lepidolite, Spinel, Olivine, Pyrope, Biotite, Talc, Realgar, Orpiment, Niccolite, Cobalite, Arsenopyrite, Tetrahedrite, Monzanite, Orthite, Cassiterite.
3x Canevas 1,5x1,20m
Ink, black acrylic.
Poduction Software:
Cinema 4D, After Effects, Madmapper.
An installation and peformance by Jacques-André Dupont
Music- Clément Destephen
Thanks to the B-Seite Festival and the Mannheim Stadtgallerie for their support during the two weeks residency.
March 2014
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