Body as technology, touch as AN art form

MIM is a Touch Choreography. It uses inter-personal touch as form of expression, proposing an intimate experience of 30 minutes where sound and touch guide the participants through an immersive journey, senses merge into new combinations, altering their state, connecting body and mind into abstract realms.
According to Marshall McLuhan‘s punchline “the medium is the message”, each media technology (book, tv, smartphone for example) has a specific way to stimulate our different senses. This has a determining impact on our construction of reality. Today, in the advent of the screen culture, more humans suffer from visual hypertrophy and social touch deficit; This inter-personal touch practice is an occasion to re-balance our perception of reality;
As an art form dedicated to the sense of touch, it opens a window on the variety of human tactility, emancipating itself from the functional formats of therapies and normative social interactions.

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