MUND a choreography by Steffi Sembdner

'Mund' is a meditation on the never-ending effort to develop a language for the body that makes the hidden visible, an existential research about the body and the space. What kind of spaces are we creating with the body and how do we define the boarders between physical and psychological spaces? Where beginns the inside and where starts the outside?
The main part of the movement research was based on somatic techniques like Body Mind Centering and Authentic Movement. We developped a practice of improvising and writing. 

Konzept/Choreographie: Steffi Sembdner
Performance: Laressa Dickey, Barbara Berti, Jacques-André Dupont
Bühnen- und Lichtdesign: Cecilia Tselepidi
Sounddesign: Andrea Steves
Kostümdesign: Katrin Fürst
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