Projection mapping for the 9,997 piece organ pipe of the Royal Festival Hall London, to design the scenography for a music production performed by 561 children. 
The piece is composed of 9 original songs and 9 visuals scenes spanning 1-hour. It tells the story of the Love Architects who set out to create a blueprint to rebuild the fallen city of Arcadia. Destroyed by sin and greed, the Love Architects rebuild the city piece by piece, shaping the narrative progression of the show.
Visual documentation:
Artistic direction & composition – Laura Howe and Ross Power
Projection Scenography – Jacques-André Dupont & Natalia Sookias
Choreography –  Natasha Khamjani
Production Design – Kathy Shenoy
Soundtrack - Clément Destephen
Performed at the Royal Festival Hall London on 24 June 2015 part the Southbank Centre's Festival of Love.
Produced by It’s All About the Music!
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