The new media installation "THREE MOONS" is an ode to light and matter.
The seminal light of a sun reveals the topography of three painted astres. Mountains, canyons, craters and plains emerge from the darkness, testimonials of the astres lifes. To disapear in the night again and reinitiate the cycle in a new revolution.
In the center of this room lay the rests of a pagan rite. An act of gratitude towards the earth for the multitude of minerals humanity extracted and keep on extracting in order to assemble our digital tools; "There are 66 individual minerals that contribute to the typical computer. "
An occasion to recognize the origins of these resources and rise awareness on this issue in the new media community.
3x Canevas 1,5x1,20m
Ink, black acrylic.
Poduction Software:
Cinema 4D, After Effects, Madmapper.
An installation and peformance by Jacques-André Dupont
Music- Clément Destephen

Thanks to the B-Seite Festival and the Mannheim Stadtgallerie for their support during the two weeks residency.
March 2014.
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