In the future, everyone will have access to preparing its own end. Thanks to dedicated artificial intelligences, we will be able to train for this crucial moment, as the buddhist monks use to do. The simulation programm replaces the Lamas of Tibet who used to read the ancient "Bardo Thodol" to the dying ones.
VANITAS is a contemprorary dance project which proposes a preparation for the inescapable moment of death. In a live simulation guided by an artificial intelligence, the public travels through the diverse states of the process inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Concept ::: Francesca Penzo & @Jadupont
Choreography ::: Francesca Penzo
Art direction & Scenography ::: @jadupont
Interpretation ::: @SamiraCogliandro, @MichelaCotterchio, @DemianTroianoHackman
Music & Sound Design ::: Clem_Destephen
Costume ::: @Nawelle.a
Dramaturgic consultancy ::: Giulia Tollis
Light design ::: @GiuliaPastore
Production ::: @Fattoria_Vittadini, NEXT Lombardia, CID di Rovereto
Camera::: @MarcyFalco
Voice ::: Manuela de Meo
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